Water Treatment

Water is one of the most important elements, both freshwater and wastewater need to be treated to accommodate the demand for drinking and other use.

Why use Oxygen Generator for Water Treatment?

Oxygen generator for water treatment dramatically increases bacteriological survival and regeneration. Water characteristics are well protected by using supplemental Oxygen to keep your PPM level up. Regardless of the conditions, even in hot climates and summer months when O2 levels are at their lowest, and consumption highest.

It is even possible to clean contaminated water by adding oxygen. This causes bacteria to multiply in the dirty water. Such bacteria are activated and assist with water treatment by destroying carbon and other dirt particles.

Furthermore, oxygen can be used to treat groundwater. Groundwater often contains manganese, iron and ammonium. These components form a crust and cause damage e.g. the pipeline systems. Oxygen oxidises these substances, which can subsequently be filtered out of the water as oxide particles. Artificially produced oxygen with a purity of 93% has a very high level of solubility, significantly increases the oxygen saturation concentration in the water, and therefore supports water treatment. More about the water treatment here. 

Oxygen generator for Water Treatment

Why Use Oxysystems Oxygen Generator for Water Treatment?

Our oxygen generator is ideal for keeping your plant treatment operating and keeping the cost down. Oxysystems systems are very reliable and will provide decades of O2 production, without the ongoing expense and hassle of conventionally produced oxygen.

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