Unique Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators and High Pressure Compressors

Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators and High Pressure Compressors

Oxysystems revolutionise the generator industry with eco-friendly & self-sufficient systems.

Produce gas onsite eliminating major transport and other associated costs.

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High-end & heavy-duty materials for long-lasting operation, up to 20 years.

Excellent gas purity and oil-free design with our planet in mind.

Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators and High Pressure Compressors

Amazing quality, fair cost and customer relationships.


What Do We Mean By Gas Generation?

All the gases are present in the atmosphere in different percentages, certain gases such as Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2) can be extracted and purified while the rest is returned to the atmosphere. Our vortex technology assures superb gas purity and quality.

Why pay for something expensively liquefied hundreds of miles away, filled in cylinders, securely transported to your premises to be filled in a rented tank and then used when you can avoid all this?

Our Vision

We have a vision where our customers can generate necessary gas onsite using our clean technology with
full monitoring capabilities and service. No need for rentals, excessive industry mark-ups and reliance on an unstable and expensive market. Join us on this clean onsite gas production journey drastically reducing your CO2 footprint. Reduce your company bills, reliance and help the planet in the process.

Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators and High Pressure Compressors

Quote Request


Tell us what your project is, what you’re making, and how it will be used. Please specify the gas consumption per year, your operating hours and the equipment that is using the gas including its power rating. Include the gas purity required. You can include any existing challenges you are experiencing. Our systems are bespoke, we will modify them to your needs and industry.

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