Cargo & Freight Shipping

In today’s climate, more and more goods are being transported by ships worldwide. The ships hold a variety of goods including liquid cargo. Nitrogen protects the goods and ensures safety.

Why use Nitrogen for Cargo & Freight shipping

Nitrogen for Cargo & Freight shipping protects the goods and produce during transport or offshore storage. Just as on land, its needs to be stored & protected. Food such as grains, (corn, wheat) cement, chemicals or crude oil is considered a fire hazard. Nitrogen can dramatically reduce this risk to a minimum while protecting the products from oxidation and enzymatic reaction. The oxygen can be completely displaced with the aid of self-produced nitrogen. Due to its high level of inertness, nitrogen is used for headspace filling of cargo holds and liquid tanks. More about the shipping industry.

Nitrogen for Cargo & Freight shipping

Why Use Oxysystems for Nitrogen Generator for Cargo & Freight shipping?

Oxysystems provide nitrogen generation systems that can deliver a constant feed of high-purity Nitrogen for any scale with variable pressures. Our unique special designs including mobile installations that are ideal for industrial and large-scale deployment offshores.

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