Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics, like many other medical care facilities, need a supply of oxygen. Oxygen generators for veterinarians supply very efficient and affordable oxygen onsite.

Why use Oxygen Generator for Veterinary use?

Oxygen Generator for Veterinary is for oxygen supply to be available quickly and efficiently, saving the animals. oxygen produced by the generators is essential to stabilize animals both during and after surgical procedures.

Whether you own a large or small veterinary clinic, on-site oxygen generation can be used effectively with our superb monitoring and supply for each theatre, vets can avoid a supply shortage and reduce costs tremendously due to our very efficient on-site production.

Oxygen Generator for Veterinary

Plug & Play Generator

Thanks to automatic control, the required amount is made available at all times. The oxygen is always available with a constant purity and a constant pressure of up to 6 bar.

The in-house production of oxygen with our generators is up to 60% cheaper than the delivery of bottles or bundles. The on-site oxygen generation eliminates long-term rental commitments and ongoing costs. You only pay for the actual consumption! In addition, you ensure an uninterrupted oxygen supply at all times. The environment also benefits: You reduce CO2 and fine dust emissions by eliminating delivery traffic.

Why Use Oxysystems Veterinary Oxygen Generator?

We supply any scale from small clinics to large veterinary hospitals. While typical oxygen generators are installed indoors, we can also provide outside units with feed lines running into the operating rooms – so it does not take up any space in the clinic.
Not only is switching to an on-site generator cost-effective, but it’s also more convenient. With our advanced monitoring oxygen and supply you never put an animal’s life at risk.

We work with veterinarians to provide high-quality solutions no matter how much oxygen gas is required. To learn more about how on-site oxygen generators can benefit you, contact us today, more about our work.

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