Electronics Production

High-purity Nitrogen is essential for semiconductor production and many solder applications including surface mount technology (SMT). It allows a larger process area whether it’s stuck dies, soldering or rework.

Why use Nitrogen for Electronics Production?

Nitrogen for electronics production creates an ideal environment due to its inertness preventing oxidation. A controlled nitrogen atmosphere makes a huge difference in production and efficiency for semiconductors producers. It allows for much larger areas for engineers in a safe environment.

In soldering it reduces dross on solder pots, lower surface tension and higher-quality soldering joints. In a lead-free selective soldering process, nitrogen allows soldering to continue without dross overwhelming the work area or soldering nozzle preventing undesirable bridging between joints and nozzles. Nitrogen is an absolute must in SMT production that requires seamless connections between surface-mounted parts and the surfaces to which they are arranged on. More about the industry.

Nitrogen for laser cutting

Why Use Oxysystems for Nitrogen Generator for Electronics Production?

Our systems produce high-purity nitrogen up to 99.999% without the oil in the high-pressure process, this is a huge benefit for protecting not just your equipment but also prolonging the life of the entire system dramatically reducing service requirements. With our vortex gas technology and advanced monitoring systems, your operation will run for decades greatly reducing your operation cost while improving production efficiency.Find out more about our Nitrogen Generator system.

Nitrogen for electronics production

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