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Oxygen generation systems are operating in some of the world’s most remote gold mines to ensure that miners are supplied with sufficient oxygen, several cubic metres of oxygen per personnel is required every hour.

O2 - Oxygen

Why use Oxygen Generator for Extraction Mining?

Our oxygen generator for mining can work in any altitude, climate, or conditions, this dramatically improves safety for mining personnel but also provides oxygen for the leaching process. Mines that extract gold on an industrial scale usually use the cyanide leaching process. The gold-bearing rock is first ground to this end. A sodium cyanide solution is then allowed to seep through the ground rock. The solution is enriched with artificial oxygen for this purpose. By using oxygen to convert mineral sulfides to sulfates and processing them, gold yield can be more than doubled over standard ore gravity separation and concentration. More about the leaching process here.

Why Use Oxysystems generators for Extraction Mining?

Oxysystems provide custom design units for industry operation with the highest quality parts intended for extreme environments. Ideal for hot, cold and humid climates. This makes our systems ideal for mining operations with mobile flexibility to suit your needs.

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Oxygen Generator for Mining

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