Plastic Industry

Nitrogen helps maintain the polymer’s integrity and strength during manufacturing processes. Production cycles can be reduced and product quality improved. Additionally, it protects the product from discolouration.

Why use Nitrogen Generator for Plastic Industry?

Nitrogen generator for plastic industry is an important component of successful plastic manufacturing. There are many benefits in the process from Tank Blanketing, Plastic Extrusion to Injection Moulding. Nitrogen can also form cavities in the plastic, which means lower weight and production cost, it prevents any residue formation and protects the equipment from harm. Additionally, it eliminates any complications to the end product which moisture and oxygen can cause, such as defects and blemishes. Above all, nitrogen is essential to plastic recycling where it plays a key part in the decontamination process.

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Why Use Oxysystems for Nitrogen Generator for Plastics?

Oxysystems provide nitrogen generation systems that can deliver a constant feed of high-purity Nitrogen with excellent purity of 99.999% and no oil in the high-pressure outlet, we supply high-quality solutions for the stationary and mobile production of nitrogen for different applications, including low-volume requirements.

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Nitrogen Generator for Plastic Industry

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