Brazing is a metal-joining process in which two or more metal items are joined together through a filler metal using higher temperatures, nitrogen serves as a shielding blanket improving the connection and preventing oxides.

Why use Nitrogen for Brazing?

Nitrogen for Brazing has an irreplaceable function. Copper and oxygen react creating “oxide” or copper oxide, similar to how iron and oxygen react to create rust. When we heat copper over about 500°, this begins to occur rapidly. As heat and oxygen increase, you’ll see more copper oxide scale building up. Nitrogen prevents the build-up of oxide and the connection is also improved with a much cleaner and stronger edge. More about the industry here.

Nitrogen for Brazing

Why use Oxysystems Nitrogen Generators for Brazing?

Onsite nitrogen generation will greatly reduce production costs and brazing efficiency. With our industry-grade application and heavy-duty parts, there is no reason to be reliant on 3rd party suppliers or an unstable market.

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