Mining & Tunnelling

Nitrogen prevents fires and explosions during tunnelling & mining operations. It also serves as a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.

Why use Nitrogen for mining & tunnelling?

Nitrogen for mining & tunnelling dramatically increases safety during the operation. Tunnel sections that are being worked on are often blanketed by nitrogen to avoid fires and explosions.

In case of a fire in a tunnel section, nitrogen can serve as a fire extinguisher eliminating all the oxygen in the tunnel and quickly putting fires out. Thanks to its invertibility, it has rapidly become an essential part of mining and tunnelling operations safeguarding the entire project. More about tunnelling here.

Why Use Oxysystems for Nitrogen Generator for mining & tunnelling?

Oxysystems will work with you on your tunnelling project and provide the most cost-effective and reliable nitrogen production, this can be a mobile unit used in many projects for your company or a stationary unit. Find out more about our special installation and contact our team today.

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Nitrogen for mining & tunnelling

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