Heat Treating

Industrial furnaces used for heat treating may be under pressure at very high temperatures that require a greater volume of Nitrogen to avoid edge oxidation and decarburisation.

Why use Nitrogen for Heat Treating?

Nitrogen for Heat Treating avoids edge oxidation and decarburisation during the process, a shielding nitrogen atmosphere is used. The heat-treating process involves both heat and pressure. Heat treating entails warming the metal to a designated degree and maintaining that hot temperature. The high heat changes the microstructure or physical properties of the metal. Once the desired effect is obtained, the metal is set to cool. This method is used to make different metals, alloys and other materials. More about the industry here.

Nitrogen for laser cutting
Nitrogen for Heat Treating

Why use Oxysystems Nitrogen Generators for Heat-Treating?

Onsite nitrogen generation will greatly reduce production costs and heat-treating efficiency. With our industry-grade application, there is no reason to be reliant on 3rd party suppliers or an unstable market.

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