Hospitals and many other clinics need medical Oxygen for their patients. Ensure the supply you can rely on, including emergency no power backups. “Say No to expensive liquid, just clean medical oxygen at your site”

Why use Medical Oxygen Generator for Hospitals?

Medical Oxygen Generator for Hospitals ensures an uninterrupted supply of oxygen and brings significant cost savings to the hospital every year.
Medical oxygen is used to treat patients in many areas at Hospitals and Clinics. For example, oxygen is used in operating theatres during operations, to treat hypoxia, for recovery or during severe acute respiratory illnesses like Covid-19.
With a medical oxygen purity of up to 95%, our O2 generators meet the purity specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia for medical applications and are manufactured in accordance with the quality management systems ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 7396-1: 2016. In addition, they are certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC (CE1250), more info.


Why Use Oxysystems Medical Oxygen Generator?

We are eliminating oxygen transport and many risks come with this factor. We are also producing oxygen from different sources and another source of oxygen is beneficial and allows us to split risk, especially during situations like a pandemic where prediction of oxygen consumption is difficult or impossible. Another massive benefit for many healthcare facilities is cost savings compared to standard liquid supply. PSA systems need only power supply and service by the authorised supplier.

If we are considering healthcare facilities have access to green energy and heat from PSA air compressors is re-use for example for heating water or similar we not only produce green oxygen but we can use up to 96% energy twice (produce oxygen and heat water) this solution will fundamentally reduce carbon footprint and also secure oxygen supply. Find out more about our Oxygen Generators.

Plug & Play Generator

Thanks to automatic control, the required amount is made available at all times. The oxygen is always available with a constant purity and a constant pressure of up to 6 bar.

The in-house production of oxygen with our generators is up to 60% cheaper than the delivery of bottles or bundles. The on-site oxygen generation eliminates long-term rental commitments and ongoing costs. You only pay for the actual consumption! In addition, you ensure an uninterrupted oxygen supply for your patients at all times. The environment also benefits: You reduce CO2 and fine dust emissions by eliminating delivery traffic.

Atmospheric Sensors

The Oxysystems atmospheric sensors are the latest addition to the Oxysystems test instrument range. This configurable instrument is available for monitoring either atmospheric or compressed-air supplies (up to 10 barg). Up to 6 different sensors can be fitted to suit a client’s individual requirements. As standard the compressed-air version is fitted with a dewpoint meter rated down to -20°C PDP. The sensor is also available in Volt Free Contact and Magnetic Attachment variation.

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