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Nitrogen is used heavily in the food packaging industry. It’s an excellent compound for preservation, It helps manufacturers to increase the shelf life of their products, as well as to preserve the freshness of the food.

Why use Nitrogen Generator for Food Packaging?

Nitrogen Generator for Food Packaging & processing is extremely important for preventing discolouration (due to oxidation), Oxygen is used by bacteria to grow and thrive on organic material. By removing as much oxygen as possible, bacteria find it more difficult to grow.

 Additionally, oxygen can cause foods to undergo oxidation, which can cause foods to become foul-smelling and inedible. For example, if you’ve ever bitten into an apple and seen the fruit become dark and brown- that’s due to oxidation.

The role of nitrogen gas in food preservation is to eliminate these problems by preventing oxygen from entering. In food processing & packaging, nitrogen can be used to flush tubes, pipes, and containers before moving the product through the system. It can also be used to flush and fill glass jars, bottles, cans, plastic containers, and plastic and cellophane bags where food will be stored until it is purchased and consumed. More about the industry.

Nitrogen for laser cutting
Nitrogen Generator for Food Packaging

Why Use Oxysystems for Nitrogen Generator?

Our excellent efficiency, very high purity with constant flow and auto purity control will ensure constant quality in your process. Find out more about our Nitrogen Generator system

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Vacuum Packing with Nitrogen

Vacuum packing foods is a very effective way to increase shelf-life as it removes all the air inside the package prior to sealing it. Even the best vacuum packing machines may still leave a small amount of oxygen in the bag. Vacuum packing using nitrogen is an excellent way to mitigate this. During the process, nitrogen is introduced into the package before it is vacuum-sealed, this displaces any existing oxygen and then, the vacuum seals the package by removing all the air. Nitrogen vacuum packing is ideal for delicate items, as the gas provides a cushion that helps to prevent breakage.

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