Wine Making

Wine-making is an art and a very delicate process of tradition and history. As it naturally ages in barrels and bottles, it is important to protect it from oxidation. Nitrogen can protect your wine for long years preserving the wine’s integrity, flavour and colour.

Why use Nitrogen in wine-making?

Nitrogen wine-making is a way of storing the wine to protect it from oxidation. After the wine has left the cask, winemakers flush the inside of the container with nitrogen to remove evaporated wine. This removes any oxygen residue before the next batch is made. 

Sometimes, a winemaker will need to transfer wine from one cask to another. Oxygen can easily mix with the exposed wine during this process. To combat this, winemakers flush tubes and vessels with nitrogen to remove oxygen residue before transferring the wine. Additionally, nitrogen can also assist with fermentation and eventually the bottling process. More about winemaking

nitrogen wine-making

Why Use Oxysystems for nitrogen wine-making?

Oxysystems generators produce extremely pure nitrogen, with a constant flow and advanced monitoring. Our onsite solution will greatly reduce your reliance on other gases such as Argon or CO2 while ensuring your wine is safely stored avoiding any danger in the process.

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