Fish Farms

Fish that are cramped in small spaces naturally lack oxygen. Supply them with all the oxygen they need with advanced monitoring. These so called “aquafarms” need a lot of oxygen to stay healthy. Ensure minimal losses and increase your production with Oxygen Generator for Fish Farms.

Why use Oxygen Generator for Fish Farms?

The Oxygen Generator for Fish Farms ensures there is a sufficient amount of oxygen for fish. The increasing demand for fish by customers puts a lot of pressure on the fish farmers and Fisheries for the intensification of the production of fish.
Our systems ensure there is balanced amount oxygen, ample fresh water, and sufficient good-quality food. For an increased production of fish, regulated fish farming is of immense importance. This is because of the reduction of negative impact on the environment because of oxygen depletion, thereby making sure that the fish do not suffer from an improper balance of oxygen. It is exactly at this point in time when the oxygen generators come to the rescue of the fish farmers.

Hypoxia - Lack of Oxygen

You’ve probably heard of, or maybe even seen, the massive die-offs of fish that sometimes occur in lakes and coastal areas worldwide. But do you know what one major cause of fish die-offs is? Hypoxia, or extremely low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water. When water is hypoxic, the low amount of oxygen can severely damage, and even kill, hundreds to thousands of fish at once. Hypoxia is an even higher risk in cramped spaces. The lack of Oxygen will result in disease and high losses, more about fisheries.

Oxygen Generator for Fish Farms

Why Use Oxysystems Oxygen Generator?

It’s an excellent way how not just drastically to improve your operation and reduce any losses, but it will also make your fish much healthier. Our advanced remote monitoring and control will greatly benefit perfectly regulating the ideal environment for your fish. Our sensors are manufactured for marine conditions and long-lasting applications.

 We can produce a fully automated fish farm project including self-regulating intake and flow of Oxygen. Additionally, we also measure salinity, purity and more….. click here to find out more about our O2 generators.

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