Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator and N2 generation can range from simple to highly intricate, depending on your industry, equipment, and environment. We take pride in our innovative design and advanced technology, enabling us to cater to a diverse range of industries, sectors, and demanding environments.

Selecting the optimal solution for your business entails more than just considering the price per unit. It requires meticulous planning, industry-specific design, seamless deployment, and expertise.

Take the initial step toward on-site gas generation and liberate yourself from market supply constraints.
Nitrogen for laser cutting

Nitrogen Generator

In today’s business landscape, a nitrogen generator (N2 generator) or PSA nitrogen plant has become indispensable. We specialize in tailoring these systems to your specific requirements and industry needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver nitrogen purity levels of up to 99.999%, which are crucial for certain applications.

We offer comprehensive solutions, including high-pressure boosters for cylinder filling and backup systems that can function seamlessly even in the absence of power. With our customized systems, we guarantee reliability and efficiency to meet your business demands.

Our Nitrogen Generator surpass the current industry standard, featuring our exclusive ‘Vortex’ technology for unparalleled N2 generation and remarkably low energy consumption. With a high-pressure process free from oil and contamination risks, our systems offer unmatched reliability. We exclusively utilize top-quality materials sourced from Europe, with some components designed in-house. Oxysystems boasts a proprietary gas flow and purity system, setting us apart from the competition.

Rest assured, our systems operate safely with minimal maintenance for up to 20 years. We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in its performance and longevity.

Discover Our N2 Generator Range


Ideal for laboratories, gas chromatography applications, small-scale research facilities and small-scale business productions.


Small to medium-sized industries, electronic manufacturing.


Medium to large-scale industries, laser cutting and metal production, food packaging, and chemical manufacturing.


Heavy Industries, metal processing, large-scale chemical plants and metal fabrications.


Extensive industrial use, steel manufacturing, oil refineries, power plants.


Very large-scale industrial applications, high volume supply.

Benefits of Our Nitrogen Generator Systems

What does Nitrogen (N2) mean?

Nitrogen (N2) is a vital gas, constituting 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, serving as an essential component of air and a cornerstone for sustaining life. In industry, nitrogen finds extensive application as a simple asphyxiant, boasting inert qualities that make it invaluable for numerous applications where oxidation is undesirable.

Its versatility renders nitrogen indispensable across various sectors, including Metal Manufacturing, Precision Laser Cutting, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutics, Electronics, Aircraft, and Tire filling industries. Whether preserving freshness in food packaging, preventing oxidation in metal processing, or facilitating tire inflation, nitrogen plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety across diverse industrial processes.

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