Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator can be straightforward, or a very complex process based on your industry, equipment and environment. We pride ourselves in unique design and technology allowing us to work with a large portfolio of Industries, different sectors and challenging environments. Finding the best solution for your business isn’t as simple as price per unit. It takes precision planning, industry-based architecture, deployment, and expertise. Take the first step towards onsite gas generation and free yourself from market supply.

Nitrogen Generator

A nitrogen generator or PSA nitrogen plant is now essential for your business. We built them to your specification and the industry you are in. We are proud to provide Nitrogen purity of up to 99.999%, which can be essential in some applications. Whatever your industry, we can provide complete systems including high-pressure boosters to fill your cylinders and backup systems that can operate with no power.

Why Oxysystems for your Nitrogen?

Our generators are far superior to the current industry standard, every generator comes with our unique “Vortex” technology ensuring pure N2 generation and the lowest energy ratings. There is no oil in the high pressure process and no danger of contamination which cause so many issues in the industry. We only use the best quality high-end materials from Europe and some we even design ourselves. Oxysystems offer an industry-unique gas flow and purity system unlike any other. You can be assured that your system will run safely with minimal maintenance for up to 20 years. We are so confident in our product that we cover the system with a 5-year comprehensive warranty.


Nitrogen Generator

Benefits of Our Nitrogen Generator Systems

What does Nitrogen (N2) mean?

Nitrogen (N2) is a gas, an essential component of air, and a necessary element for the sustenance of life. It is colourless, odourless, and tasteless and makes up 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is used in industry as a simple asphyxiant with inverting quality making it useful in many applications where oxidation is not desired.

Nitrogen is a very important industrial gas used in many industries, such as Metal Manufacturing, Precision Laser Cutting, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutics, Electronics and even the Aircraft industry and Tire filling. 

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